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Complete Business and Economics Package

Complete Business and Economics Package

The Complete Business and Economics Package is a comprehensive online resource that brings together the best applied learning content from top publishers to meet the emerging educational needs of business students and instructors across the globe. The collection is curated by subject matter experts and designed for a range of learners, from students in community college studying business for the first time through those attending MBA and executive education programs.

Content and scope

Faculty love the Complete Business and Economics Package because it provides material for teaching across all relevant business areas—international business, management, human resources, and more. Plus, the functionality solves all of the common issues of incorporating multimedia into the classroom; no more hoping the necessary materials will be available, hunting them down in the library, toting them to class, and setting up multiple devices to share them with students. It’s all right there, together in the same cross-searchable, easy-to-use interface.

These collections deliver a combined total of 500+ hours of video and 44,000+ pages of text, plus curated playlists and more.

Powerful interface and learning tools

Content comes equipped with dozens of tools that enhance the business teaching, learning, and scholarship experience:

  • Semantic facet browsing and genre landing pages with editor highlights mean users can discover new materials or dive straight into what they’re looking for.
  • Playlist-building functionality lets professors choose their favorite videos or clips and easily slide them into the syllabus or LMS.
  • Annotation tools and an instant citation exporter empower scholars to make new connections and share what they’ve discovered.

Included collections