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Theatre and Drama Premium

Theatre and Drama Premium

Theatre and Drama Premium provides everything you need to bring the spectacle of theatre and drama to your students, from interviews with giants like Arthur Miller or James Earl Jones to previously unpublished play manuscripts from the genius of Ed Bullins and Jeannie Barroga.

Setting the stage for dramatic research and learning possibilities, Theatre and Drama Premium is the world’s first and largest, integrated resource for teaching and studying theatre arts and dramatic writing. Bringing together over 13,500 written plays; 150,000 pages of original designs, reference material, and ephemera; 300 audio plays; and 750 hours of filmed stage performances, documentaries, and video training materials, Theatre and Drama Premium serves both practical and scholarly purposes for theatre arts and literature programs. The collection covers all areas of study, from the stage to behind-the-scenes, and provides the materials faculty and students need to teach and understand all aspects of theatre and drama, including:

  • Canonical and emerging playwrights
  • Published and unpublished works
  • Original and contextualizing materials

With Theatre and Drama Premium, scholars can conduct in-depth analysis on key writers, creators, or practitioners from a single platform, for example:

  • Using multiple filmed stagings of King Lear and the Bell’s Edition of the text, students can examine the speech given by King Lear himself in Act 3, Scene 2 as delivered by different actors.
  • Faculty can widen the lens of theatrical study to include a diverse cast of pioneers such as designs from Shirley Prendergast, the first black female lighting designer on Broadway in 1973, or plays by R. Lynn Riggs, the first American Indian playwright to have his works produced.
  • All patrons can enjoy watching award-winning, star-studded Broadway shows from BroadwayHD such as She Loves Me (2016) & Falsettos (2016) from the comfort of their couch.

Theatre and Drama Premium bridges the gap between Literature and Theatre departments, serving students and faculty in many disciplines, such as theatre, literature, performance studies, theatrical design, dramatic writing, and more.