Alexander Street Drama - Package

Alexander Street Drama

Alexander Street Drama brings together thousands of plays from Alexander Street's six individual full-text drama collections and makes them accessible and cross-searchable in a single, specially priced package. It includes the full content from: Black Drama, Asian American Drama, Latino Drama, Twentieth Century North American Drama, North American Indian Drama, North American Women's Drama, as well as the reference collection North American Theater Online.

Alexander Street Literature - Package

Alexander Street Literature

Alexander Street Literature brings together hundreds of thousands of pages of poetry, short stories, novels, and non-fiction from eight individual Alexander Street literature collections. Celebrated and rare content is all cross-searchable through a single intuitive interface and includes the writings of diverse women and men from Ireland, Scotland, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the United States, and more.

American Film Scripts

American Film Scripts Online

American Film Scripts makes available for the first time accurate and authorized versions of 1,000 copyrighted screenplays. Through close partnerships with the leading film studios and rights holders, Alexander Street created an unparalleled database of iconic scripts featuring many works that have never before been published and are available nowhere else.

Asian American Drama

Asian American Drama

Asian American Drama is an online text collection that brings together more than 250 plays, along with related biographical, production, and theatrical information. The collection begins with the works of Sadakichi Hartmann in the late 19th century and progresses to the writings of contemporary playwrights, such as Philip Kan Gotanda, Elizabeth Wong, and Jeannie Barroga.

Audio Drama: The L.A. Theatre Works Collection

Audio Drama brochure cover

Audio Drama: The L.A. Theatre Works Collection delivers, for the first time online, more than 300 important dramatic works from the curated archive of the nation’s premiere radio theatre company. Quintessential plays are performed by leading actors from around the world and recorded specifically for online listening.

Australasian Literature Online

Australasian Literature Online


Australasian Literature Online optimizes the study of literature by uniting nearly a century of quintessential literary works into one expansive online resource. With a strong focus on Indigenous Australians, Maori, Pacific Islanders, and female voices, the collection delivers more than 120,000 pages of poetry and fiction that capture the vibrancy of Australasia.

Black Drama: Second Edition

Black Drama Second Edition

Black Drama: Second Edition contains the full text of more than 1,200 plays by 200 playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries. Many of the works are rare, hard to find, or out of print, and nearly a quarter of the collection consists of previously unpublished plays by writers such as Langston Hughes, Ed Bullins, and Zora Neale Hurston.

Black Short Fiction and Folklore

Black Short Fiction and Folklore

Black Short Fiction and Folklore brings together thousands of works of short fiction, from early folktales to contemporary works, written by authors from Africa and the African diaspora. Materials come from literary magazines, archives, and the personal collections of the authors, and represent an astounding range of traditions that begins with early African oral traditions and extends through to modern hip-hop.

Black Women Writers

Black Women Writers African, African American, and Diaspora

Black Women Writers presents literature and essays on feminist issues written by authors from Africa and the African diaspora. The collection documents how black women forged a strong cultural identity and presents the female perspective on the diversity and development of black people.

Caribbean Literature

Caribbean Literature

Caribbean Literature brings together 100,000 pages of poetry and fiction from the 19th and 20th centuries, presented in the original English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and various Creole languages. A treasury of classic, rare, and contemporary literature, the collection includes works by hundreds of notable writers.

Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period brochure cover

Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period comprises more than 80 volumes of poetry by Irish women writing between 1768 and 1842, a significant, but largely under appreciated body of work. Alongside the poetic texts are biographical and critical essays contributed by the world’s foremost poetry scholars and other supporting resources.

Latin American Women Writers

Latin American Women Writers brochure cover

Latin American Women Writers is an extensive searchable collection of prose, poetry, and drama composed by women writing in Mexico, Central America, and South America. It features 100,000 pages of primary writings penned from the 1700s to the present accompanied by supporting essays from Latin American feminists that discuss various aspects of the feminist movement.

Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction

Latino Literature brochure cover

Latino Literature features more than 200 novels, many hundreds of short stories, 20,000 pages of poetry, and more than 400 plays. The collection traces the medium from the works of Chicano writers in the Southwest during the early 19th century through to today, with select texts available in their original Spanish.

North American Indian Drama

North American Indian Drama brochure cover

North American Indian Drama brings together the full text of more than 250 plays American Indian and First Nation playwrights from the 20th century. Many of the plays are previously unpublished or hard to find, and together they provide a wealth of vivid dramatic material that is often overlooked or inaccessible.

North American Theatre Online

North American Theatre Online brochure cover

North American Theatre Online is the largest, most comprehensive reference work in North American drama. It provides detailed bibliographic information on more than 30,000 plays and performances, including references to unpublished works, thousands of facts about theaters, authors, theatrical companies, and individuals, along with a large variety of supporting theatrical ephemera.

North American Women's Drama

North American Women's Drama brochure cover

North American Women's Drama delivers 1,500 plays by women from the United States and Canada. It includes the complete works of leading playwrights along with those of lesser-known but important writers. Many of the plays are rare, hard to find, or out of print, and 30 percent have never before been published.

Romanticism Redefined: Pickering & Chatto and The Wordsworth Circle

Romanticism Redefined: Pickering & Chatto and The Wordsworth Circle

A result of a partnership with London-based Pickering & Chatto Publishers, Romanticism Redefined includes hundreds of thousands in-copyright writings from the Romantic Era. The collection includes writings, letters, diaries, and speeches focused on literature, politics, philosophy, history, travel, and more.

Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

This electronic collection assembles more than 60 complete volumes of lyric poetry by Scottish women written between 1789 and 1832. This unprecedented online database provides key access to this rich but often overlooked body of literature.

South and Southeast Asian Literature in English

South and Southeast Asian Literature

South and Southeast Asian Literature showcases the literary imagination and linguistic inventiveness of writers who are negotiating multiple cultural identities in an increasingly transnational world. The collection shares thousands of pages of English-language fiction, short fiction, and poetry that capture the essence the region’s culture and inhabitants from the end of the colonial era to the present.

Theatre in Video

Theatre in Video

Theatre in Video contains hundreds of videos, including documentaries and definitive performances of the world’s most important plays. From celebrated productions of Shakespeare to rare, in-depth footage of the work of Samuel Beckett, the collection covers a wide range of 20th century theatre history. Interviews with directors, designers, writers, and actors, along with excerpts of live performances deliver an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at hundreds of productions.

Twentieth Century North American Drama

Twentieth Century North American Drama brochure cover

Twentieth Century North American Drama brings together the complete works of more than 400 major North American playwrights. Alongside the works of the most successful mainstream writers of the century are the lesser-known but equally important works of African Americans, Asian Americans, gay and lesbian writers, and others. Hundreds of unpublished plays, production information, playbills, and theatre details round out the collection.

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels Series

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels is the first-ever scholarly online collection for researchers and students of adult comic books and graphic novels. This multi-part resource covers the full spectrum of this visual art form, from pre-comics code era works to modern sequential releases from artists the world over.

Individual DVDs and Streaming Videos

Alexander Street offers a variety of videos in literature and criticism in both DVD and streaming formats, and is the exclusive source for streaming video from Filmakers Library.