Alexander Street offers the most comprehensive suite of online audio recordings and reference material to support the teaching of teaching of musical traditions from around the world. Collections include music from 170 countries and 1,000+ cultural groups. In total, databases provide access to 250,000+ audio recordings and 9,000+ pages of encyclopedic reference, including:

  • Audio recordings from acclaimed world music labels including the entire catalogs of Topic, Playasound, Budamusique, Air Mail Music, Manuiti, Crossing Records, and Lyrichord World Music.
  • Recordings featuring the world’s great artists and ensembles, such as Ali Jihad Racy, Adama Dramé, Carlos Do Carmo, Parisa, Tran Quang Haï, Katrien Delavier, Hussein El Masry, Rassegna, Oedo Sukeroku Taiko, El Son Entero, Simon Shaneem, I Wayan Sadra, and Fawzy Al-Aiedy.
  • Exclusive access to the Smithsonian’s world music archives including the entire output of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, Folkways Records, Cook Records, Dyer-Bennet Records, Fast Folk, Monitor Records, and Paredon Records.
  • Unique recordings from the International Library of African Music at Rhodes University in South Africa and the Archive Research Centre for Ethnomusicology in India.
  • The authoritative 10-volume Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online available for the first time electronically, including all the audio samples originally published on CD.

All world music products are built around controlled vocabularies and indexing, providing a powerful tool for teaching and research. These include:

  • 170 countries that can be browsed using a graphical interface.
  • 2,600+ distinct instrument categories and 1,000+ distinct genres and sub-genres.
  • 1,400+ cultural groups and 450+ languages.
  • Data on 100,000s of artists and ensembles.